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Excessive production of SEBUM by the large sebaceous glands on the facial skin leads to oily skin. This excessive sebum production is thought to be due to over sensitive receptors in the hair follicle to the hormone Dihydroxy testosterone that controls sebum production.

The tendency towards oily skin is an inherited trait and is made worse by additional factors such as diet, stress, certain chemicals and exposure to the sun. Since sebum production is under direct hormonal control, the menstrual cycle can cause a flare up at certain times of the month. Similarly, taking the oral contraceptive can also lead to hormone mediated oilyness and this applies during pregnancy, when a flare up of ACNE is not unusual.

Frequent and effective cleansing with a suitable product is necessary in order to keep the amount of sebum on the skin to a minimum. This will help avoid production of spots and pimples.

Lotions or Emulsions made with oil and water (Oily cleansers) should be avoided. These products leave a layer of oil on the skin surface and will aggravate spots and pimples and prevent the free flow of sebum by causing blockage of the pores. Cleansers that FOAM or FROTH are suitable for the easy removal of oilyness without excessive drying.

Excretion of excessive Sebum is a major causative factor in acne. People who have acne usually produce more sebum than those who have no acne. Some people believe that this OILYNESS on the skin is a result of eating oily food.Diet has no effect on sebum production.This is under the control of the hormone Testosterone.(often made worse by hot,humid conditions)The Sebaceous glands which produce Sebum are attached to the hair follicle,of which there are millions in the skin.The follicles are tubelike structures through which the Sebum flows from within the skin on to the surface of your skin.The follicle acts as a pipeline to the surface of the skin and can be observed as a pore on the skin.The oil flows to the skin surface in this tube.
Highly active sebaceous glands produce excessive amounts of an oily substance called sebum. It flows up the follicle to the skin surface to moisturize and maintain its condition. This action is in response to the Hormone TESTOSTERONE.

Acne and Spots are caused by "clogged up pores"(MICROCOMEDONES).

The pores being the sebaceous duct and hair follicle. Clogged up pores full of sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria are an ideal combination for an inflammatory reaction that leads to spots. Blackheads (open comedones) and whiteheads (closed comedones) are formed due to inflammatory action of fatty acids-chemicals that are made by the action of bacteria on the sebum and dead skin cell plugs in the clogged up pores. These fatty acids cause inflammation and enlargement of the pore, leading to what we call a pimple-a nasty looking, reddish, inflamed "zit" or pimple.

The plugged pore(or a MICROCOMEDONE)

The plugged pore is occlusive and leads down to the hair follicle. Lack of oxygen causes accumulation of stagnant sebum which encourages the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria, especially the species Propioni Bacterium Acnes, Staphylococcus Albus and Corynebacterium Acnes. Despite the blockage, glands in the skin carry on producing sebum oil, resulting in a swelling behind the blockage which causes a white head spot, or a blackhead if the sebum is mixed with the skin pigment melanin and exposed to air but still stuck in the pore.
These bacteria produce enzymes which convert Sebum to fatty acids. The acids cause further irritation which results in hyperkeratinization(scarring) and inflammation.

Following the cleansing regime suggested will help reduce Sebum levels on the skin and within the follicle. Sebum is continuously replaced by your body and needs to be removed,so wash at least twice a day with a foaming wash.Washing with a product that is medicated with at least 2% Salicylic acid will also aid in the removal of plugged pores and gentle exfoliation.The best way to use this type of wash is to gently rub the wash into wet skin with your fingertips for a few minutes and then wash off using warm water. Sebum production can also be addressed by Anti-androgenic medication(prescribed by your Doctor). Spironolactone has anti-androgenic properties and may be suitable for people who fail to respond to other treatment.Cyproterone acetate is used in a combined contraceptive pill for women to help reduce sebum production.

Add Devina`s choice to your skin care regime

Acne is best treated and prevented by addressing ALL the factors that lead to the formation of lesions. Therefore it is logical to combine treatment with products that address different causative factors(sebum, bacteria, dead skin). The action of each preparation will be ADDITIVE and lead to a more effective and faster result than can be achieved by a single product alone. It is usual to apply one product in the morning and a different one in the evening. However there are also products available that contain TWO of the active agents in the one application. All sufferers want instant results. You can help yourself by using this technique.

Complement, augment and enhance your existing acne treatment by taking advantage of the fact that by adding a product that addresses a different causative factor to your regime will enhance the existing treatment synergistically (An additive action) by produ
cing FASTER and more EFFECTIVE results. Add DEVINA`S CHOICE peel-off face and body mask to your existing medical treatment for acne to enhance its effects.


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